What You Can Do

Monthly Giving

One of Club 21’s goals is to expand and diversify our funding streams and to build a solid base of support for the work we do for the months and years to come. In order to accomplish that, we need a team of committed ongoing supporters, who make consistent and recurring gifts, so that we have a solid foundation of support upon which to build.

By making recurring gifts to an organization you are passionate about, like Club 21, you are making us a part of your everyday life, just like getting your morning coffee becomes a natural part of your routine. By making these regular gifts, often people can more fully express their support in a way they might not have thought possible.  While monthly gifts of $25, $50 or $100 are practical within many household budgets, they add up quickly to become a significant amount for our organization over the course of a year and beyond.

To set up a recurring monthly donation, just click the DONATE NOW button. After you enter your monthly donation, click the ‘Repeat this Donation’ box and enter how many months you would like to repeat the donation. Please note that the maximum number of months you can set up is 12 months.

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