What You Can Do

To those of you who have been Corporate Sponsors of Club 21, on behalf of the board, staff, volunteers, other donors and most of all, individuals with Down syndrome and their families that we serve - THANK YOU!  We love our mission and we love those we serve, but we couldn’t accomplish all that we do without those who financially support us and help provide the fuel for our mission.  To those of you who are considering becoming one of our Corporate Sponsors, we hope that you will thoughtfully ponder one or more of our sponsorship opportunities.

Club 21 organizes a variety of events for our community throughout the year.  Our events attract long-time supporters, new families and friends as well as many people who have merely been touched by an individual with Down syndrome and want to express their loyalty.  When members of the Down syndrome community see businesses supporting individuals with disabilities, their consumer behavior is affected in a positive way as both a return customer and fan. We encourage you to consider becoming a sponsor of one of our events (Together is Better Walk and our Imagine the Possibilities Gala). Your brand will receive maximum exposure and your commitment will resonate deeply within the Down syndrome community and beyond.

Some of our Corporate Sponsors choose to sponsor one particular event, while other companies choose a multifaceted sponsorship package. We are also open to creative conversations about possible in-kind donations of goods or services that your company might be able to provide to Club 21.

If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss some of this year’s opportunities, or if you have any questions, please contact and/or call 626-844-1821.

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