What We Do


Individual Education Plans

Club 21 values empowering families to have the skills, knowledge and resources needed to be effective advocates for their family member with Down syndrome. We have annual workshops at Club 21 Learning and Resource Center to help families understand and navigate this important part of their child’s education.  

Do you understand the parts of your child’s IEP?  Do you know where to put your concerns, requested trainings, modifications or find the numbers of hours your child spends in Special education?  

Come to an IEP Workshop and find out this information and much more about the IEP Process. This workshop cover the following:

  • Parts of the IEP document
  • Associated documents (Notice of Meeting, Notice of Action, Re-Evaluation)
  • Identifying qualities of an annual goal
  • Resources to prepare you for an IEP meeting.

Spaces are limited so you must RSVP at info@clubtwentyone.org

Membership is required.  If you are not a member click HERE.