Partners in Transition


  Partners in Transition:

 The Real World of Transitions for 16 years and up.

Transitions can be difficult to navigate, particularly if you don't know the questions to ask or know what  resources are available. Come and learn with a small cohort of 10 to get information, questions answered, and map out a path for the future. You will have a great guide in Dr. Richard Rosenberg.


  • Target: Parents of individuals with Down syndrome 16 years old and up
  • Outcome:  Parents will gain information on 5 topics related to navigating life after High School. Each topic will have supplemental information and will have one task to follow up on the topic WITH either their child/school.
  • 5 Monthly Topics:
    • Developing a Circle of Support
    • Pre Employment Skills/ Getting Work/Volunteer Experience
    • Technology that supports Independence and how to utilize the IEP/ITP process
    • Collaboration of Department of Rehabilitation, Regional Center, and School district. Supplemental Social Security income and Social Security Insurance (SSI & SSDI)
    • Self Advocacy/ Self Determination Addressing Post Secondary Career Pathways, Guardianship, Conservatorship, and every young adult having a voice. 
  • Limited to 10 Families.
  • Meet twice a month for 5 months
  • One live meeting  (Second Saturday) and one Zoom meeting on a Monday evening.
  • Age: Parents of 16 year olds and up
  • Cost: $150 with scholarships available 
  • Facilitated by:  Richard Rosenberg, and will have various  guest speakers address individual topics