Parents New/Expecting

CONGRATULATIONS upon the birth of your grandchild, niece or nephew!

The birth of a baby is, and should be, a time for celebrating and the feeling of joy. This little baby may not be as you have dreamed, but please let us assure you that he or she is more like other babies than unlike. Just like all babies, this child needs the whole family for nurturing, guidance, safe-keeping and, most importantly, love and acceptance.

We realize that with the birth of a child with Down syndrome the whole family may have entered into a whole new world — one that can be confusing and filled with intense emotions at first. It is our hope that through information and support you will be able to gain an understanding of your feelings, of the baby's special needs and of the love this child has to offer to everyone in his/her life.

We encourage you to learn as much about Down syndrome as you can at this time, so you can be a strong support to the new parents. But remember to treat this baby as you would any other baby, because infants with Down syndrome are babies first and foremost. 

Below are some additional resources to get you started on this journey:

  1. National Down Syndrome Congress has a wonderful article: Focus on Grandparents
  2. The Down syndrome Association of Central California has a wonderful Grandparent booklet that is very helpful:
  3. Relatives: What to say or not to say
  4. Never Say Never
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