Who We Are

Nancy Litteken

Executive Director

Nancy Litteken, has been a “bridge builder” since birth. Her introduction to life with special needs began as a newborn hearing child of deaf parents. Much of who she is today has been shaped by her unique family life. Her skills were honed by working in Special Education with the Los Angeles Unified School District for over 30 years both in the classroom and in the job transition/placement. Nancy has a Master’s degree in Special Education/Deaf Studies and for 18 years she coordinated the program for Secondary Deaf and Hard of Hearing students Career and Planning program with LAUSD. Most recently, Nancy worked as an Infant/Preschool Specialist, providing early intervention services for Deaf and Heard of Hearing infants (0-3) and their families. As a parent of a teenage daughter with Down syndrome, she has experienced the other side of special education – being an advocate, community builder, teacher and networker. Her passions is to bring individuals together, discover people’s talents, gifts and interests and then to help them use those gifts to transform their communities. With the birth of Molly, her daughter with Down syndrome, with has shaped their entire family to work toward and promote the full potential of individuals with Down syndrome. Her daily inspiration comes from Mike, her incredible husband, her amazing son, Matt and the wondrous joy of Molly. January 2014 the Board of Directors were grateful to be able to hire Nancy full time.

Joan McLaughlin

Development Coordinator

Joy Domingo

Programs Director

Pam Gang

Executive Assistant

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