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Seat at the Table Premier & Fundraiser

A Seat at the Table Fundraiser 2021

Club 21 Learning and Resource Center Board of Directors


A Seat at the Table Full Fundraiser Event - 10 minutes

Our event includes a message from Nancy Litteken, Executive Director and Olivia Adams-Falconer, Board Member; "A Seat at the Table" short film and photography montage of individuals with Down syndrome sharing why they want a seat at the table.


"A Seat at the Table" Short Film - 4 minutes

Feel free to share on social media, text and email to family, friends, employers, places of faith, educators, medical community so all can hear and reflect on "who's at your table?"

"A Seat at the Table" Short Film - 1 minute

Feel free to share on Instagram and other social media platforms so all can watch and reflect on "who's at your table?" 

Who is at your table?

We invite YOU to take a seat and partner with Club 21 on this journey toward an inclusive life because everyone deserves a seat at the table...and we deserve a table that seats everyone. 

What does a SEAT AT THE TABLE mean?

The table is a symbol of power, negotiation, credibility and community. Being offered a seat at the table represents an opportunity to be heard and valued; a place to make a difference; a place to share what only you know. In the case of individuals with Down syndrome, it means bringing their gifts, perspective and experience to the table. 

What do YOU get by being at the table with individuals with Down syndrome?

  • Teachers in an inclusive classroom who discover that not only are they better educators, but the class scores are raised and empathetic, creative citizens are born
  • Employers with diverse employees experience: 
    • A boost to company morale.
    • Great innovators (because they’ve had to be) and reliable hard workers. 
    • A different perspective and the immeasurable positivity they bring.  
    • And let’s not forget,  one day they might be hiring YOU
  • A community that sees and experiences a different perspective on life and understands the importance of diversity to creative solutions

YOU can help them attain their SEAT AT THE TABLE. Your support will provide: 

  • A new family with a vision of the future filled with hope, community and the resources they will need on their journey to grow, learn and thrive.
  • Children with the academic and social skills to succeed, their parents with the tools to advocate, and opportunities for them to foster their skills and abilities.
  • A transitioning adult the opportunity to plan for a fulfilling, self directed, life and the tools to help them achieve their dreams.