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What We Do

Overview & Program Registration

Club 21 provides the educational tools and resources that enable individuals with Down syndrome to be fully included. From first diagnosis onward, Club 21 Learning and Resource Center empowers families to identify the needs of their child with Down syndrome and teaches them how to navigate the terrain of the medical, educational and Regional Center systems to maximize their child’s potential. For that to be a reality, our programs and services focus on 4 essentials:

  • family support
  • school support
  • direct educational training
  • community building

At Club 21, from first diagnosis, families are equipped with a new vision for their future. Families are given new tools and resources to make that vision a reality, as well as having a strong community to support and encourage them along the way. Vision, resources, and community enable individuals with Down syndrome to have independence, access, belonging and a life of their choosing. 

The Club 21 Pathway of Programs:



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