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Adult Social Groups


Adult Social Groups

Adult Social Groups

Club 21 is excited to continue to offer our young adult Social Groups program for the 2024 year for adults ages 18- 30.  We have made several changes to the program based on feedback gathered from the 2023 pilot period. All of these changes are to better reach the program goals of:

  1. developing social/friendship skills in real-world environments
  2. learning the steps to plan social events
  3. initiating and planning their own social activities outside the four events organized as part of this program. 
  4. expanding interests and being introduced to a variety of possible interests/passions

This program will run from January 2024 to December 2024. Each group will have about 8 young adults that will be facilitated by two neurotypical facilitators. 

Each group will meet six times from January to December, which is roughly every other month, in addition to one in-person orientation to be held on January 20th.  Families must provide transportation to and from the events for their young adult.

Tentative dates for each social group can be found below. Each young adult will only be assigned to one social groupAll of the events will fall within the schedule below, but confirmed events will be based on the majority of group availability:

Event: Potential Dates:
1- January/ February February 17, 18, 24 or 25
2- March/ April March 23, 24 or April 20, 21
3- May/ June May 18, 19, 25, or 26
4- July/ August July 27, 28 or August 3, 4
5- September/ October September 28, 29 or October 19, 20
6- November/ December November 16, 17 or December 7, 8

Expectations and Skills Required for Participants

Our program expectations are as follows:

  • Each young adult must participate in a 1.5 hour orientation meeting which will take place on January 20th, 2024, one morning session and one afternoon session
  • Each family/ parent must participate in a 30-45 minute orientation that will take place on Zoom on January 16 or January 18 from 7- 7:45
  • Each young adult must have access to a device at home that allows them to message/text with their peers in the group for planning purposes, as connecting with the group outside of the events will be an important part of the program, this year (we will be going through the expectations during orientation)
  • Each young adult must carry a cell phone with them during each event, in the event of an emergency

Additionally, this program is geared for individuals who can:

  • Attend the majority of the social events that will take place bi-monthly on the weekends
  • Stay with the group and follow the plan 
  • Review preparatory materials before each social event containing expectations and useful vocabulary
  • Follow instructions from facilitators 
  • Use a debit/credit card or cash to pay for their own food 
  • Pay fees associated with the event on time
  • Use the restroom independently

If a participant requires one-on-one supports to meet these expectations, arrangements will need to be made by the family. 

If you feel that you and your young adult may not be able to meet the expectations of the program, we will also offer two Young Adult hangouts throughout the 2024 year, one per semester to be announced at a later date.  These will be open to all Young adults in our Club 21 community that may or may not be participating in this program.


Registration Fee: $300
(covers costs for facilitators)

Families will be expected to pay fees associated with activities including entry fees and meals. 

If you are in need of financial assistance, please email Club 21 NEVER turns a family away due to financial need.