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Partners in Transition


Partners in Transition

Partners in Transition: The Real World of Transitions for 16 years old and up.

When: Meets twice a month for 5 months.

            One Live meeting (Second Saturday) and one Zoom meeting on a Monday. 

Who: Parents of individuals with Down syndrome  16 years and up. 

Outcome: Parents will gain information on 5 topics related to navigating life after High School. Each topic will have supplemental information and will have one task to follow up on the topic WITH either their child/school

Cost: $400 (Parent Paid or SDP. Scholarships Available)

Facilitated by: Dr Richard Rosenberg & Dr. Patti Adams

Partners in Transition Meeting Schedule

In Person: 10:00am-12:00pm Monday Zoom: 6:30-8:00pm
Session 1 & 2 August 10, 2024 August 19, 2024
Sessions 3 & 4 September 14, 2024 September 23, 2024
Sessions 5 & 6 October 12, 2024 October 21, 2024
Sessions 7 & 8 November 9, 2024 November 18, 2024
Sessions 9 & 10 January, 11, 2025 January 27, 2025

Program Topics:

  1. Developing a Circle of Support
  2. Pre Employment Skills: Getting work/volunteer experience
  3. Technology that supports independence And how to utilize the IEP/ITP process
  4. Collaboration of the Department of Rehabilitation, Regional Center, and School District. Supplemental Social Security income and Social Security Disability insurance (SSI+SSDI)
  5. Self Advocacy/ Self Determination Addressing Post Secondary Career Pathways, Guardianship,Conservatorship, and every young adult having a voice.