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The Crew



About The Crew

What: CREW (Creating Relationships and Equipping the Way) is a monthly program for middle schoolers that will meet every second Saturday of each month running from August through May. 

How Much: Fee for CREW classes are $500 for the year or $50 per month for 10 months. If paid in full there will be a $50 discount. 

This is a VENDORED program - VENDOR CODE:  PD2655  Sub-code: 01 PG

About: The CREW program builds off of the Social Thinking Vocabulary (STV) and Concepts to enhance understanding and promote social competency growth which is used in our Club F.U.N. program ages 8-12.  Social Thinking Vocabulary includes specific vocabulary to be used in everyday situations. 

The 10 Concepts covered in CREW 

1.    Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings

2.    The Group Plan

3.    Thinking with your eyes

4.    Body in the Group

5.    Whole Body Listening

6.    Hidden Rules: Expected and Unexpected Behavior

7.    Smart Guesses

8.    Flexible and Stuck Thinking

9.    Size of the Problem 

10.    Sharing an Imagination

In CREW we will also be working on making and maintaining friendships, how to be an active participant in both Structured and Unstructured Activities, and building self-confidence and self-esteem. CREW will provide interactive ways to foster friendships within the group and will teach skills that will be used within your home, school and communities. 

When: Time 9:00-10:30am and 11:00-12:30pm on Second Saturdays each month from August through May.