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Club F.U.N.


Club F.U.N.

What: Club F.U.N. (Friends Understanding Nuances) is a social competencies program that will meet every Second Saturday of each month running August-May. There are three levels to the Club F.U.N Classes:

  1. F.U.N. Intensives: Minimum age of 8, First time to the Club F.U.N Program
  2. Club F.U.N. I:  Lower elementary, minimum age of 8- Has already attended our Intsenives
  3. Club F.U.N. II Upper elementary

How Much? Fee for the Club F.U.N. classes are $500 for the year/ $50 a month. $450 if Paid in Full upon Registration

This is a VENDORED program - VENDOR CODE:  PD2655  Sub-code: 01PG

When: Club F.U.N. meets on the 2nd Saturday of every month, August - May. Times will vary but most Club FUN classes will be held between 9am-12pm. We will solidify class schedules when we know how many students we have enrolled and how many classes we will need to have. 

About: All the Club F.U.N. programs use Social Thinking Vocabulary (STV) and Concepts to enhance understanding and promote social competency growth.

F.U.N. Intensives are a unique opportunity for your child to work 1:1 or 2:1 with a Speech and Language Pathologist. Intensives allow social concepts to be introduced in a slow, concrete manner. A methodical approach is best to understand the STV and concepts. 30 minute duration.

Club FUN I class is for those who have shown a social readiness and competency to work in a small group of 5 or less.  Using the We Thinkers as a framework curriculum, your child will be introduced to  the first five ST concepts. 60 minute duration

Club F.U.N. II is for those with the social readiness and a baseline competency of the first five  ST concepts.  Continuing to use the We Thinkers as a framework your child will be introduced to  the second five concepts of the We Thinkers Curriculum. 60 minute duration.

The focus of the F.U.N. programs is not about fast promotion from year to year. Our Club F.U.N. team works very hard on evaluating all students to make sure they are placed in a level that will best meet their unique social needs and growth. Social competency grows through slow and deep learning.

Team:  FUN 1 & 2 Classroom Teachers Ellen Turner (SLP) and Claudette Bañares Gindraux.

Intensive Teacher Erica Mu (SLP)